July 2016 Newsletter
July 14, 2016Read more about developments on Curriculum Renewal. Read More >

Role in the Spotlight: Site Director
July 8, 2016We continue with our feature ‘Role in the Spotlight’ where our teams tell us what it means to deliver a renewed curriculum. Today Dr. Hanh Huynh talks about his role as the MEDD 411 – Foundations of Medical Practice I and MEDD 412 – Foundations of Medical Practice II, Site Director for the Vancouver Fraser […] Read More >

The Individual Score Report (ISR)
July 5, 2016The Individual Score Report (ISR) is a detailed performance report, and it is a new feature of the renewed curriculum. Read More >

Role in the Spotlight: Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) Advisor
July 4, 2016Last week Dr. Joanna Cheek highlighted her role as a FLEX CAFL. Today we head to the Northern Medical Program to speak to Trina Fyfe, a FLEX Advisor. The FLEX Advisor provides longitudinal mentorship and coaching to students as they prepare for and engage in their chosen FLEX activities. FLEX Advisors provide support for their […] Read More >

CR Role in the Spotlight: Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) Content Area Faculty Lead (CAFL)*
June 24, 2016FLEX has been successful as a new, innovative course in the renewed MD undergraduate program (MDUP) offering students a unique opportunity to pursue a variety of scholarly activities. The FLEX CAFL works with FLEX Course Directors to review student activity proposals and assess the resultant activity learning artefacts. CAFLs also provide support and direction for students, based […] Read More >