The Second Progress Test
May 13, 2016In January, at the start of the second term, the Class of 2019 sat the second of two Progress Tests. The first Progress Test in August provided a baseline for the students’ learning as they entered medical school. The results from the second Progress Test detailed how the Class of 2019 improved their knowledge across […] Read More >

Role in the Spotlight: Educational Assessment Unit
May 9, 2016Today we look at the role of the Educational Assessment Unit (EAU). The EAU develop, implement and maintain systems for assessing students’ learning. The team also provides assessment expertise to support faculty and staff across all years of the undergraduate program. Working under the guidance of the Director of Assessment, the EAU has improved the delivery […] Read More >

FLEX, Art and Medicine
May 2, 2016Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) is breaking new ground in the Arts and Medicine. The article, ‘“Medical rounds” at the art museum’, highlights just one of the many FLEX activities open to students on the renewed curriculum. Read more here Also See: FLEX: Breaking new ground Flex in CITAC Newsletter Course Spotlight: FLEX   Read More >

Renewed Course Governance & Reporting Structure
April 15, 2016The Course Governance & Reporting Structure for the renewed curriculum has been updated. The structure reflects a move towards an integrated and province-wide approach to leadership. Here is the updated version of the Course Governance & Reporting Structure. Also see: New Course Governance & Administrative Structure. Read More >

Role in the Spotlight: Curriculum Management Unit (CMU)
March 31, 2016We continue with our feature ‘Role in the Spotlight’ as we look at the role of the Curriculum Management Unit (CMU).   The CMU plays a vital role in collating, assessing and housing vast amounts of curricular data. This work is essential to help us understand what, how and when our curriculum is delivered and […] Read More >