The Portfolio is a four year educational activity where students use individual learning experiences to inform their continuous professional development and demonstrate elements of the Professional exit competency associated with:

  • Accountability to patients,
  • Accountability to the medical profession and other health professionals, and
  • Accountability to society.

The Portfolio tool will be flexible, adaptable, and scalable for application within the renewed curriculum. It is consistent with the original principles recommended by the Student Assessment Working Group.

Student Builds Personal Portfolio

Students will use their clinical experiences in combination with introspective inquiry to guide their continuing learning. Portfolio uses educational and assessment activities in combination to allow students to identify patterns, construct their own learning objectives, develop the habit of reflective practice, and connect it to lifelong learning and patient safety.

Supported Process for Learning

Students will be supported in their introspective inquiry by dedicated faculty members, as part of students’ professional identity formation. Students will look at growth beyond cognitive learning by connecting reflective practice and real life experiences to learning outcomes and patient safety.

How it Works

Portfolio is a developmental activity where students build foundational reflective learning skills in years one and two and then apply these skills in their clinical environments during years three and four. During the first years, a combination of one-on-one and small group educational activities, along with self-directed learning will allow students to meet the required learning outcomes. In the final years of the program, students will integrate learned skills in a clinical environment. This will be supported through one-on-one meetings with a dedicated physician advisor to enhance students’ abilities as developing physicians, and provide a platform for continued development in residency and licensed practice.


Dr. Maria Hubinette, Portfolio Assessment Lead