Workplace Based Assessment (WBA)

WBA involves the direct observation of students performing relevant physician tasks in both clinical and non-clinical settings. WBA tracks students’ progress in integrating clinical knowledge and skills as a basis for safe and effective clinical judgments and decision making. It also assesses how well students deal with patients and whether they will work productively in a team of healthcare professionals.

  • Assessments occur in work/clinical environments (e.g. CBL small group tutorials, family practice and clinical skills in Y1/2, clinical experiences in Y3/4)
  • There are four types
    • Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX)
    • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) / 360 Evaluations
    • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)
    • In-Training Assessment Reports (ITARs)
  • Suitable for “Knows How”, “Shows”, and “Does”
  • Focuses on competencies in the Communicator, Collaborator, Professional, Manager, and Scholar roles
  • Assessment of learning: Students demonstrate knowledge and skill in academic, simulated, and clinical work environments


Kiran Veerapen, Workplace-based Assessment Lead