Course Development

The renewed MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP) follows a more integrated structure with longer courses. The amount of instructional time and vacation time is approximately the same as in the current MDUP. The diagram below shows the Renewed Course Structure with courses grouped by year.

Each course has an organized set of Clinical Week Presentations/Topics that are ordered developmentally to provide an integrated curriculum that builds from basic clinical presentations to complex ones. Later topics intentionally revisit, or spiral back to, earlier ones periodically to reinforce important topics, and to integrate material across years.

In addition to the clinical presentations, Systems and Themes are integrated across all four years of the program through the course learning outcomes.

The development process involves ongoing multi-site collaboration, particularly for elements that require considerable local resources and autonomy for delivery. The Course Development Co-Leads are ultimately responsible for coordinating the content of each week.

Renewed Course Structure


Renewed Curriculum Courses

Renewed Year 1 Courses

  • MEDD 410: Transition into Medical Education (TIME)
  • MEDD 411: Foundations of Medical Practice I (FOMP I)
  • MEDD 412: Foundations of Medical Practice II (FOMP II)
  • MEDD 419: Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning I (FLEX I)

Renewed Year 2 Courses

  • MEDD 421: Foundations of Medical Practice III (FOMP III)
  • MEDD 422: Foundations of Medical Practice IV and Transition into Clinical Education (FOMP IV & TICE)
  • MEDD 429: Flexible Enhanced Learning II (FLEX II)

Renewed Year 3 Courses

  • MEDD 431: Clerkship

Renewed Year 4 Courses

  • MEDD 441 – MEDD 446: Senior Clerkship Electives
  • MEDD 448: Transition into Postgraduate Education and Practice (TIPP)
  • MEDD 449: Flexible Enhanced Learning III (FLEX III)