Development Schedule

The following schedule by academic year shows the key development activities for curriculum and assessment alongside renewed curriculum launch dates. Transitional years will begin prior to launch for years 3 & 4 to accommodate scheduling adjustments in preparation for the renewed program. Please see below for a list of courses by year.

Schedule Graphic

Renewed Curriculum Courses

Renewed Year 1 Courses

  • MEDD 410: Transition into Medical Education (TIME)
  • MEDD 411: Foundations of Medical Practice I (FOMP I)
  • MEDD 412: Foundations of Medical Practice II (FOMP II)
  • MEDD 419: Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning I (FLEX I)

Renewed Year 2 Courses

  • MEDD 421: Foundations of Medical Practice III (FOMP III)
  • MEDD 422: Transition into Clinical Education (TICE)
  • MEDD 429: Flexible Enhanced Learning II (FLEX II)

Transitional Year 3 Courses

  • Scheduling adjustments to allow for the renewed year 3 to start in Spring 2017

Renewed Year 3 Courses

  • MEDD 431: Clerkship

Transitional Year 4 Courses

  • Scheduling adjustments to allow for the renewed year 4 to start in Summer 2018

Renewed Year 4 Courses

  • MEDD 441 – MEDD 446: Senior Clerkship Electives
  • MEDD 448: Transition into Postgraduate Education and Practice (TIPP)
  • MEDD 449: Flexible Enhanced Learning III (FLEX III)