July 2016 Newsletter


Sent on behalf of Assistant Dean, Curriculum Dr. Adam Peets, and Director of Assessment Dr. Kiran Veerapen.

It has been a fantastic year for the renewed curriculum. The first year has been successfully completed with the support and extraordinary efforts of the students, staff and faculty across the MDUP.

As we start the summer holiday, we have the opportunity to reflect on some of the successes of this past year and remind ourselves what it takes to develop and deliver a renewed curriculum.

Read more on some of the key features and events from the first year below.


A student’s view of the renewed curriculum

We spoke to student, Michael Rizzuto at the end of the first year of the renewed curriculum. Read more.

Take a look back to the first day. Watch this 25 second video of the Class of 2019.

Read more about Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX), the new self-directed learning course

Trina Fyfe from the Northern Medical Program tells us about her role as a Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) Advisor. Read more here.

Dr. Joanna Cheek talks about her role. Find out more here.

Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) is breaking new ground in the Arts and Medicine. Read more here.

Learn about the FLEX ‘TEDMED’ styled activity day for the Class of 2019. Read more here.

Faculty and Staff roles in the Spotlight

Find out more about the Educational Assessment Unit (EAU). here.

Learn how the Curriculum Management Unit (CMU) supports the renewed curriculum. Read more here.

Read more about the role of a Theme Lead here.

Dr. Suneet Singh, Urinary System Lead; Dr. Dina Panagiotopoulos, Growth and Development System Lead; and Dr. Richard Cohen, Respiratory System Lead, explain what they enjoy about their role. Read more here.

The Year 1 & 2 Course Managers tell us about their role. Read more here.

Faculty changes during the first year of the renewed curriculum

Dr. Kiran Veerapen is the new Director of Assessment. Read more here.

The new Programmatic Assessment Framework

What is the ISR? Read more here.

The Second Progress Test. Read more here.

Find out more about Progress Tests – the new programmatic assessment tool. Read more here.

What it takes to deliver a renewed curriculum

Looking back on MEDD 411 – Foundations of Medical Practice I. Read more here.

‘Curriculum Renewal in Numbers’. Read more here.


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