March 2016 Newsletter


Sent on behalf of Assistant Dean, Curriculum Dr. Adam Peets, and Director of Assessment Dr. Kiran Veerapen.


The new academic term

We are excited by what lies ahead of us in 2016. The Class of 2019 will complete the first year of the renewed curriculum in May and in August, we will begin the first iteration of the renewed Year 2. These events are key milestones in our curriculum renewal journey. However, we still have a significant amount of work to do in 2016 to develop the content for the renewed Year 3 and Year 4, as well as apply the finishing touches to Year 2.


Continual iterative improvements

In the fall of 2015 we launched the new courses MEDD 410 – Transition into Medical Education, MEDD 411 – Foundations of Medical Practice I, and MEDD 419 – Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning I. You can read more about these activities on the Curriculum Renewal website.


During these courses the Evaluation Studies Unit actively collected feedback from faculty, students, and staff. This timely and invaluable information enabled us to make a number of important on-the-go changes. Additional detailed input was obtained following the conclusion of the courses using interviews, focus groups and surveys. This information has allowed us to critically reflect on our progress to date and discuss how we can continue to optimize the courses.


A number of the key opportunities for improvement that have been identified for the second iterations of MEDD 410, MEDD 411 and MEDD 419 include:


  • Clearly describing the spiralled curriculum for students, staff and faculty. This will include the creation of a map to enable educators and learners to follow content areas across the spiral.
  • Improving the clarity and specificity of learning objectives.
  • Achieving greater integration of content and principles within weeks and across the different courses.
  • Optimizing communication between and within groups of stakeholders (students, staff and faculty).


We would like to again thank all of you, throughout the province, who continue to work tirelessly to ensure the success of the renewed curriculum across the Northern, Southern, Island, and Vancouver Fraser Medical Programs.


Read more about developments on Curriculum Renewal.


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More Information

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