Course Development Leads

The Course Development Co-Leads (Course Leads) are responsible for coordinating the content and delivery mechanisms for the renewed courses. They work closely with the Assessment Development Leads and other experts such as Systems & Themes Leads, and representatives from Family Practice, Clinical Skills, DPAS, and enabling functions, such as Faculty Development and MedIT.

Below is a list of the Course Development Leads for the renewed curriculum.

Course Code Course Title Course Directors
MEDD 410 Transition into Medical Education (TIME) Gurdeep Parhar, Amil Shah
MEDD 411 Foundations of Medical Practice I (FOMP I) John Cairns, Karen Pinder
MEDD 412 Foundations of Medical Practice II (FOMP II) Barry Mason, TBC
MEDD 419 Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning I (FLEX I) Dawn Cooper, Richard Lazenby
MEDD 429 Flexible Enhanced Learning II (FLEX II)
MEDD 421 Foundations of Medical Practice III(FOMP III) Sarah Gray, Jane Gillis
MEDD 422 Foundations of Medical Practice IV & Transition into Clinical Education (FOMP IV & TICE) Joana Gil-Mohapel, David Li
MEDD 431 Clerkship Clerkship Directors
MEDD 441-447 Senior Electives Elective Directors
MEDD 448 Transition into Postgraduate Education and Practice (TIPP) Mike Nimmo,Tanya Orton
MEDD 449 Flexible Enhanced Learning III (FLEX III) Dawn Cooper, Richard Lazenby