This section addresses governance of (a) the Curriculum Renewal Project, and (b) the renewed course structure.

A. Project Governance

The Curriculum Renewal Project continues to be led by the Curriculum Renewal Project Steering Committee, which is an ad hoc committee that reports to the Medical Undergraduate Education Committee (MDUEC).  For more about these Committees and the individual roles, see below.




The Curriculum Renewal Project Steering Committee consists of the Executive Associate Dean-Education, all four Regional Associate Deans, the Assistant Dean-Curriculum, the Director of Assessment, the Director of Project, the VFMP Administrative Director, and an Evaluation Studies Unit representative.

This group is responsible for setting strategic direction, leading the Curriculum Renewal Project, and implementing the project according to direction and recommendations approved by the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, this group is responsible for leading and directing available resources to complete the Curriculum Renewal Project, and works in collaboration with the other Curriculum Renewal ad hoc committees, teams, and working groups to translate vision, recommendations, and decisions into action.

The Curriculum Renewal Project Steering Committee is accountable to the Faculty of Medicine committee structure at the program level and will ensure effective consultation at all levels. Project deliverables and decisions will be recommended by this group to the Medical Undergraduate Education Committee (MDUEC) and Undergraduate Medical Education Executive - UMEX (previously Medical Undergraduate Regional Executive Committee  MDUREX ).

B. Renewed Course Governance

For information about how the renewed courses are being governed, see below.

There will be one Course Director role (typically shared by two individuals) for each course with province-wide responsibility for a course. Each course will have a team at each site (Site Director, Clinical Skills Director and Family Practice Director) to lead local implementation in collaboration with the Course Directors.


The spiralled content Integration Leads will work with the Course Directors across the program.


Each course has a Course Manager role focused on province-wide delivery of the course, supported by an administration team at each site.