Phase 1 Reports

The DTFCR produced their final report in May 2010. It provided:

  • the rationale for renewal
  • a call to develop a social responsibility and accountability framework
  • a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the MDUP
  • eight strategic recommendations that should guide the future direction for curriculum renewal
  • key curriculum design principles and elements
  • a preliminary implementation plan
  • recommendations to support further development of an evaluation plan for Curriculum Renewal

Dean’s Task Force on MD Undergraduate Curriculum Renewal’s Final Report


Appendix A – Future of Health Care in Canada Report

Appendix B – DTFCR Terms of Reference

Appendix C – DTFCR Bios

Appendix D – Working Group Reports

Appendix E – Faculty Retreat Report Jan 2010

Appendix F – Social Responsibility Stakeholder Report

Appendix G – Implementation Working Groups Terms of Ref

Appendix H – Future of Medical Ed in Canada Report

Appendix I – Chapter 3 Reports and Data

Appendix J – Scholarly Concentration Programs

Appendix K – Implementation TF Terms of Reference