Role in the Spotlight: Curriculum Management Unit (CMU)

We continue with our feature ‘Role in the Spotlight’ as we look at the role of the Curriculum Management Unit (CMU).


The CMU plays a vital role in collating, assessing and housing vast amounts of curricular data. This work is essential to help us understand what, how and when our curriculum is delivered and how we measure the success and goals of the MD Undergraduate Program.


The CMU is responsible for:

  • Completing a detailed map of the curricular content to identify gaps and redundancies
  • Ensuring the program adheres to the accreditation standards
  • Enabling clarity on the ‘spiralling’ of content in the curriculum
  • Ensuring students meet the required UBC Exit Competencies


Dr. Santiago Toro-Posada, Data Analyst CMU, tells us what he enjoys about working on the renewed curriculum.


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Dr. Santiago Toro-Posada, Data Analyst CMU


What is the most interesting aspect about working in the CMU? What excites me the most is how CMU is able to perform a detailed map of the curricular content to facilitate the curriculum planning, and provide highly accurate educational support to multiple stakeholders.


Where are you located? The CMU office is located at the Diamond Health Care Centre at VGH.


Who do you interact with in your role? Playing a multifaceted role, CMU interacts with Deans, Course Directors, System Leads, Curriculum Directors, Administrative personnel, and many others.


What do you enjoy most about working in the CMU? I enjoy blueprinting and analyzing the curriculum and proposing innovative solutions to modify its content to make sure that it adheres to the accreditation standards. This ensures students will meet exit competencies upon completion of the program.


What are you working on now? I am currently working on blueprinting and analyzing the content of the renewed curriculum to identify gaps and redundancies and document the spiralling of the content, in addition to implementing a new Curriculum Management System.


Have you discovered anything surprising about your role or something you did not expect? I find it fascinating how complex and sophisticated the CMU blueprinting methods have become. These methods have evolved with the implementation of the renewed curriculum to support the development and realignment of the curricular content.


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