Role in the Spotlight: Flexible and Enhanced Learning (FLEX) Advisor

Last week Dr. Joanna Cheek highlighted her role as a FLEX CAFL. Today we head to the Northern Medical Program to speak to Trina Fyfe, a FLEX Advisor.

The FLEX Advisor provides longitudinal mentorship and coaching to students as they prepare for and engage in their chosen FLEX activities. FLEX Advisors provide support for their students in the development of their FLEX activity proposals and completion of their FLEX Folders.

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Trina Fyfe and her family.


What is the most interesting aspect about working as a FLEX Advisor? There are aspects of research that I am still learning as a PhD student. I found the role of FLEX Advisor challenged my learning further by putting me in the role of an advisor and not as a student. 


Where are you located? My office is located in the Northern Health Sciences Centre, Northern Medical Program at the University of Northern BC.


As a FLEX Advisor, who do you interact with?  As a FLEX Advisor I interacted a great deal with Richard [Lazenby, FLEX Course Co-Director], Dawn [Cooper, FLEX Course Co-Director] and Pilar Onatra, [MEDD 419 Program Assistant]! My main interactions were with the students in my FLEX group and other FLEX Advisors at the NMP.


Highlights of the role: What do you enjoy most about working as a FLEX Advisor? As a librarian I often interact with students about the projects they are working on but those are often regarding specific aspects of their projects. As a FLEX Advisor I had the added benefit of working with students during all phases of their project development and implementation. I found the students’ excitement, concerns and questions insightful and invigorating.


What are you working on now/recently worked on? As FLEX has wrapped up for the year I have been reflecting on the role of the Advisor and sharing my reflections with Richard and Dawn.


Have you discovered anything surprising about the role or something you did not expect? I did not expect a lot of students to create their own projects! It was amazing to see how creative and driven they are and the ways in which FLEX allowed for that to occur.


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