Role in the Spotlight: MedIT

Technology has played a vital role in the expansion and distribution of UBC’s MD Undergraduate Program. With the renewed curriculum, technology continues to support educational changes.

MedIT provides the Faculty of Medicine with IT services in support of health education, research, and administration.
Today we speak to Gary Rosborough about his role on the renewed curriculum.


Gary Rosborough Senior Manager, Educational Technology, MedIT.

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What is the most interesting aspect about working within Education Technology?  I think the most interesting aspects of working within educational technology is how important non-technology related skills are in supporting faculty. Listening, clarifying needs and sharing pedagogical guidance lead to more effective technology solutions when they are applicable.

Where are you located?  Diamond Health Centre Room C 8129 but the team will soon be located at Women’s and Children’s and the IRC Building at Point Grey.

Working in Education Technology, who do you interact with? I interact with faculty leaders, curriculum committee members, program administrative staff, students and various groups such as Faculty Development, ESU and EAU. I am also actively engaged with various other portfolios of MedIT to facilitate meeting client needs.

Highlights of the role: What do you enjoy most about working in Education Technology? Supporting faculty in creating learning-related solutions that have a positive impact on student knowledge and practice.

What are you working on now?  A lot of things! I am part of various initiatives, for example – an initiative to implement a new recording tool for lectures, online assessment, support for Year. 3 faculty in moving to the renewed curriculum and finally participating in discussions that will inform the replacement of the existing version of MEDICOL!

Have you discovered anything surprising about the role or something you did not expect? I think I was initially surprised by how much people focused on the “technology” aspect of educational technology. As an educator and instructional designer I see pedagogy (or for me andragogy) as the main driver for how my team works!

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