Role in the Spotlight: Site Director

We continue with our feature ‘Role in the Spotlight’ where our teams tell us what it means to deliver a renewed curriculum.

Today Dr. Hanh Huynh talks about his role as the MEDD 411 – Foundations of Medical Practice I and MEDD 412 – Foundations of Medical Practice II, Site Director for the Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP).

Site Directors work with their Regional Associate Dean (RAD), Course Directors and other Site Directors across the province to ensure the successful implementation of the courses at their site. A Site Director supports course leadership through the planning and delivery of courses, at their site. Site Directors also ensure operational requirements are fulfilled for successful curriculum delivery.



Dr. Hanh Huynh.

What is the most interesting aspect about working as a Site Director? The opportunity to work in a true “team” environment with so many different experts in different fields in order to develop the best learning experiences for our future medical doctors.

Where are you located? Vancouver (VFMP), UBC on the Point Gray Campus, Life Science Centre (LSC) 1541.

As a Site Director, who do you interact with? First, with my counterparts at the sites (NMP, IMP, SMP), with the Leaders of the Curriculum Renewal Team (RAD VFMP, Dr. Adam Peets, Dr. Peter Choi), with the CBL Faculty Development Lead (Dr. Barry Mason), with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), with the Program Managers & Staff (Rob Brackenbury, Zoe Beavis), and with our students.

Highlights of the role: What do you enjoy most about working as a Site Director? The opportunity to contribute to the development/delivery of our Renewed Curriculum, the chance to work with a great team of educational experts, and most importantly, the opportunity to improve the learning experiences of our medical students.

What are you working on now? Working with different teams to fine tune the delivery of our next 1st year class, development of the 2nd year [renewed] curriculum, Faculty Self Development on my lecture materials for the medical students, updating my knowledge in my area of Immunology expertise, and preparing for my presentation at the Asian Conference on Immunopathogenesis of Cancer.

Have you discovered anything surprising about the role or something you did not expect? Things will never go the way you want them to! I am prepared to contribute and learn from my other team members in the delivery of our renewed curriculum. I am always expecting the unexpected positively; I view the unexpected event/requirement/issue to be a new learning experience for me. I am a life-long learner!

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