Year 3 Assessment


Year3 Assessment Framework


In Year 3, programmatic assessment will assess students in an integrated and developmental manner. This change increases the variety of assessments which allows the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP) to better assess how students meet the required UBC Exit Competencies for the MDUP. Students will experience multiple low stakes assessments and more direct feedback on their progress across the four blocks in MEDD 431 – Clerkships.

Year 3 assessment will include the following four assessment modalities:

  • Written Exams (including Progress Tests)
  • Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)
  • Portfolio

Each assessment modality has strengths in assessing various competencies and skill-sets

  • Written Exams assess medical knowledge where Progress Tests provide a programmatic trajectory for each student.
  • WBAs provide direct observation of performance in a clinical setting
  • OCSEs assess a student’s ability to perform clinical skills
  • Portfolio provides a formative assessment that utilizes and teaches self-reflective learning

Over the coming months, the Assessment Team will work with the Year 3 Clerkship Directors and Department Program Teams to determine the detail and implementation for each of the assessment modalities for Year 3.

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