Year 3 Block Course Structure

The renewed curriculum will deliver a new structure for MEDD 431 – Clerkship. The Class of 2019 will experience four 12-week integrated blocks instead of the three 16-week integrated blocks of previous years.

The twelve disciplines remain unchanged and sit within one of the four blocks providing a wide range of training for the Clerkship year.

The names for each of the blocks have been agreed. The blocks in Year 3 are:

  • Women and Children’s Health (WCH) Block
  • Surgical and Perioperative Care (SPC) Block
  • Brain and Body (BB) Block
  • Ambulatory (AMB) Block

The twelve disciplines will fit into the following block structure:


New integrated Clerkship objectives will be developed in line with the new block structure. The objectives will be tied to the agreed case topics, Systems and Themes continuing the spiralling of content from Years 1 and 2.

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